What is an Expired Domain Name?

expired domain names

Expired domain names are those Internet addresses that have not been paid for and extended for another billing period.

As a blogger or in other online businesses you should know that each domain needs to be renewed annually. Renewing a domain is simply paying for it before its expiry date.

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What is a Domain Transfer?

What is a domain transfer?

Domain transfer is a change of the address registrar, which is the company providing technical and financial support for the domain.

In case you are blogging, it is most convenient to have a hosting and domain purchased from one registrar. Then you can easily manage these services from one control panel.

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Top 23 Most Expensive Domain Names

Most Expensive Domain Names

The most expensive domain names are internet addresses that have reached multi-million dollar sales.

As you know, investing in domain names can be very lucrative. However, some may think that such investments were profitable 20 years ago. This is obviously true because the most interesting domains are already registered.

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