How to Choose a Blog Topic?

How to choose a blog topic? This question is asked by almost every person starting their adventure with writing a blog. Success or failure will depend on the direction in which we go. A bad choice can mean a lot of hard work that will not bring any results.

I think that choosing the right blog topic is much more difficult than learning all the technical aspects of running a website.


Writing a blog is not as simple as it might seem at the beginning. First of all, you need to be systematic, devote a lot of time, commitment and effort.

Selecting and finding the right topic and blog name itself also requires time and thought. Being at the beginning of this adventure it is best to consider a few topics and scenarios and then choose the best one.

Passion – The Best Blog Topic

However, finding an idea is not always easy. Some of us all the time have a head full of different concepts. Others, on the other hand, have trouble finding even one.

The best choice will be the topic we are interested in, where we have some knowledge and even better – experience. 

Very often choosing a topic for a blog we are inspired by the desire to earn as much money as possible. This is not a good approach, because the lack of effects can quickly discourage us.

I agree that the effort and the work done should be compensated for. However, before the money comes in, it will certainly take a long time. 

If you’re looking for a good blog topic, it’s worth answering the following questions honestly:

  • How interested am I in this topic?
  • Is the topic often searched for by others?
  • Can the topic be easily monetized?

If you have trouble finding your niche, think about how you like to spend your free time? Which magazines, books and blogs do you like to read?

If you like discussing a lot about a matter, it is your hobby and passion – the choice is obvious.

Being a blogger is like a journey – a long journey. Can you imagine doing something for the next few years that does not bring you any joy and satisfaction? Something you are not interested in at all?

Choose a Blog Topic You Enjoy Researching

The most popular blogs are updated frequently and contain a lot of interesting information about a given topic. So if you write about what you like and what you’re passionate about – you’ll easily find a lot of interesting things in the field.

You will be happy to share this information with your readers. This will certainly attract their attention and build a relationship with them.

Blogging is hard work. Many people start their blogs with a lot of enthusiasm, which expires quickly.

It takes a lot of self-denial and strong motivation not to give up quickly.

At some point, you will start wondering why you should create another blog on a given topic? Similar blogs already exist on the Internet. It would seem that everything has already been described…

Don’t worry about it. If your posts are valuable, you will surely find readers. Each of us is different and has a unique approach to the matter. This factor will be of great value to your blog. 

As time goes by, the first comments will appear on the blog. Discussions between you and your readers will begin. However, people may have slightly different approaches and views than you. So it is good when we feel comfortable in a given topic. We can then answer all the questions. Even to these difficult and inconvenient questions.

Most Common Mistakes When Choosing a Blog Topic

One of the most common mistakes is to choose a topic that is supposed to bring us a lot of money. People often set up a blog only for profit. They often write about things they are not interested in.

On the other hand, if our passion is very specific, the potential audience will be very limited. Despite the effort and commitment to each post, our blog will not be visited often.

Writing about everything we are interested in, is not a good approach either. Readers interested in a particular post will probably want to find more information.

If we deal with several topics simultaneously on our website without going into each of them in-depth, there is a risk that they will leave our website quickly.

It is better to focus on one blog topic and describe it in more detail. Yes, we are narrowing down the potential audience. However, it will be easier for us to obtain the name of an expert in a given field. And this will make our readers come to us more often.

If you choose a topic that interests you, your readers will surely feel it. You won’t run out of ideas for new posts. The blog will develop naturally. Your website will start attracting people with similar interests.

If you manage to create a bond and trust between your readers, you are only one step away from success.

How to Find Blog Topic Ideas?

While searching for a blog topic it is worth writing down some of the best ideas on a piece of paper. Then we have to consider the idea in three very important categories:

  • passion
  • knowledge
  • profitability

The following graphics illustrate this well:

Perfect blog topic
Perfect blog topic

As you can see, the best solution lies in the middle. If we combine passion, knowledge, and the ability to make money – success is only a matter of time. Although, of course, money is not the most important thing for all of us…

What Should My Blog Topic Be?

If you still have a problem with your choice and you don’t know what to write about on your blog, below you will find a small hint and tips.

The lists of topics have been divided into the most popular categories.

Small business

  • Pros and cons of doing business
  • How to reduce business costs
  • Definition and description
  • Describe your industry in detail
  • How to start a small business
  • Problems with business management


Topics for beginners

  • Describe your hobby
  • Your favorite books
  • Review of things you use
  • Your dreams
  • Daily life

Blog topic for AdSense

  • Insurance
  • Technology
  • Forex Trading
  • Health
  • Entertainment
  • Finances


  • Man fashion
  • Fashion rules
  • Fashion DIY
  • Best occasions and sales
  • Vacation fashion
  • Children’s fashion
  • The best online fashion stores


  • Travel wishlist
  • Tips for saving money
  • How better to organize yourself
  • Healthy habits
  • Your life goals
  • My career journey
  • Holiday traditions
  • Your favorite blogs

Making money


  • Vacation ideas
  • Summer drinks
  • Skincare
  • Outdoor activities
  • Swimming safety
  • Grilling tips
  • Summer activities for children


  • Destinations
  • How to travel with a pet
  • How to organize your trip
  • Vacation budget
  • Best destinations for couples
  • Travel alone
  • Best hotels in the world
  • How to Save Money While Abroad


  • Relaxation Tips for Stress
  • The Benefits of Walking
  • Healthy sleep
  • Brain exercises
  • Diets
  • Healthy lifestyle
  • Prophylactic practices
  • Spirituality


  • Healthy snacks for kids
  • Healthy food benefits
  • Best restaurants
  • Seasonal foods
  • Family recipes
  • World cuisine
  • Cooking equipment
  • Dining etiquette
  • Beer, wine, or beverage recipes

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