How to Choose a Blog Name?

When setting up a blog, you’ve certainly wondered more than once which name to choose for your website and which domain will be most suitable for your online business.

Finding the right blog name is just as important as choosing the topic you want to write about. The domain first tells the reader what the page is about and what information can be found on it.


A domain name can convince a visitor to stay on your blog or not. And as we all know, the longer the readers stay on our site, the higher positions our blog will be in the search engine.

What Blog Name is Good?

Choosing the right blog name can be difficult for two reasons. First, the name of the blog should best represent what we are writing about. Once selected, the name will stay with us until the end of the adventure with blogging.

On the one hand, we should find a name containing key phrases that best describe our niche. On the other hand, the blog name should be short and easy to remember. Unfortunately, most of the short, one-word domains are already used.

So in the beginning, it is worth learning a little more about what a domain is, where you can register it and what extension to choose to make our website look professional.

What is a Web Domain?

A domain is a unique internet address where your blog or any website will be available. A good blog name is not only a nice-looking address in the browser bar. It’s a kind of business card, which in itself can sometimes be very valuable. Yes, some internet domains are worth millions of dollars!

A specific address always indicates only one website. This means that if a particular name is already busy, we cannot choose the same for our blog. Internet addresses are unique and that is why some of them are so costly.

As an example, I give some of the most expensive sold addresses:

  • – $90 million
  • – $49.7 million
  • – $35.6 million
  • – $35 million
  • – $30 million
  • – $18 million

You can read more about how much domain names can cost here.

The Best Extensions for a Blog Name

A very important feature of a good internet address is its extension. The most popular extensions you may encounter are the following:

I recommend the .com domain name. These are called TLDs (top-level domains), and if you are serious about blogging, and want to make money on it in the future, then the choice of the .com suffix is rather obvious. You can read more about domain extensions here: “How to choose a domain extension?”

If the name you chose consists of two words, it is already busy, you can try using the “-” sign. Sometimes it is possible to find free names of this type, but the shorter the blog name, the better. Remember that there must be no dots in the name.

The name is case-insensitive – entering the address in small or large characters will work the same way.

What Should My Blog Name Be?

Below is a set of features that characterize a good blog address:

  • a good name contains the keyword to which the page will be positioned,
  • the address should be strongly related to the topic and niche that we will describe on the blog,
  • the name should be short and easy to remember,
  • the name should have the .com extension – then the blog always looks professional.

Choosing a good blog name is therefore sometimes as difficult as choosing an interesting niche. As you can see, a good domain must meet several criteria. In addition to those described above, it is worth choosing a name that is also unique.

Blog name inspiration

To create a unique address we can use words directly related to our place of living, our work, hobbies, or our personality traits. This approach will make the name of the blog characteristic, easy to remember, and strongly associated with our person

If, despite many attempts, we don’t manage to find what would meet our expectations – let’s look for inspiration in other languages

Sometimes you can register a cool-sounding blog name, containing keywords in a completely different, interesting language.

If we know to whom we will address our words on the blog, i.e. we know our target group well – we can create a name that will refer, for example, to the lifestyle of our readers or their favorite activity during the day.

Besides, it is worth checking the names of similar blogs already existing on the Internet. From among those that we like the most, let’s choose the best.
In this way, we can create our own unique name. Moreover, by doing such an overview, we will quickly find out which addresses are most suitable for our niche.

How To Choose a Blog Name?
How To Choose a Blog Name?

However, if all the names you choose are already taken – it may be worth trying to use wordplay, use similar words, abbreviations or synonyms. Tools available on the Internet, such as Google Keyword Planner, will be very helpful in finding replacements.

The important thing is that the chosen address should also be universal in a few years. The name should be as close as possible to the content of the blog. However, it must not restrict us from the subject matter we will be touching on the site. The blog is often written for several years to build relationships and trust with readers.

And in the next step you can monetize your blog and start making money – see the proven methods here.

It is best to choose a name that will not only be appropriate today but also in the future. A later change is, of course, possible, but it can be troublesome. Our readers, who are used to one name, may perceive later changes differently.

Where to Register the Name of My Blog?

Our blog’s address is very important. That is why it is best to buy the domain from a verified registrar. The company that provides this type of service at a high level is Bluehost.
After creating an account you get access to the user panel, which is intuitive and simple. Besides, the company provides the possibility of automatic renewal of the domain.
You should do this every year otherwise, your address will expire and the website will stop working. You can read about how to register your blog address step by step in the post: “Cheap domain with hosting”.

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