How to Monetize a Blog on WordPress?

How to monetize a blog on WordPress? This question is often asked by all those who already have a blog, as well as by those who just want to start one.

You can earn good money blogging. If you write about what you like and what gives you pleasure in life, it can be one of the most enjoyable forms of work.

You can work from home, in a cafe or hotel – where you are most comfortable and where you like to spend time.

And most importantly, your earnings as a blogger are not limited.


Just starting a blog is not difficult. All you have to do is register a domain, buy hosting and install WordPress, which is one of the best blogging platforms.

The sums that the best bloggers earn can be impressive. I already wrote about it in “5 Top Earning Affiliate Blogs”. Authors of these top-earning blogs use different methods to monetize their sites.

All these blogs have one thing in common – they solve specific problems of their readers.

So, if you want to start earning money on the blog you have to focus on helping people. Solving other people’s problems and providing valuable content – money will start to flow to you in a wide stream.

Every blogger should develop his strategy from the very beginning, which will allow him to profit both in the short and long term.

Depending on the character of a particular blog, you can promote certain products and make money online in different ways.

If you are wondering how to monetize your blog on WordPress, here are some effective methods.

Monetize Blog With Ads

How to Monetize a Blog on WordPress With AdSense?

AdSense is one of the easiest and fastest ways to make money on a blog. This method is often chosen by beginner bloggers.

To start earning money in Google AdSense you need to set up an account, create advertising units and paste the generated code into your blog.

You can do this yourself, then you can choose where the ads will be displayed.

How to monetize blog with Google AdSense?
How to monetize a blog with Google AdSense?

You can also choose to automatically place advertising units in the best places selected by the Google algorithm.

Monetize blog with ads
Monetize blog with ads

How do we make money this way? We get money for every click on an ad on our website. This model of earning is called CPC (cost per click). The cost per click is set by the advertiser.

The biggest disadvantage of AdSense is its relatively small earnings. They depend on the industry we are in and the number of banners that we put on our blog. However, some blogs make pretty good money this way. Everything depends on the niche that we promote.

The most profitable niches to promote in AdSense:

  • Insurance
  • Technology
  • Forex Trading
  • Health
  • Entertainment
  • Finances

You can read more about how to choose a specific niche for your blog here.

If you are wondering how to monetize a blog on WordPress – AdSense may be a good choice at the beginning.

AdSense can generate a regular monthly income for us, is maintenance-free, and accessible to all.

Selling Ad Space On Your Website

Another way to monetize your blog is to sell advertising space directly. This is a more profitable method because we do not have to share the profit with middlemen.

With AdSense as a publisher you only receive 68% of the cost of a click. The remaining 32% go to Google.

However, making money from direct sales of advertising space is not as easy as pasting code from AdSense. The whole process is more time-consuming and requires more effort.

You have to prepare appropriate agreements and take care of administrative matters. The biggest advantage is that all the negotiated price goes into your pocket.

If you have a blog with a small number of visitors, you will first have to look for companies interested in advertising on your site yourself. So it is worth preparing something like a “landing page” in advance, where you will show the conditions for cooperation.

The advantage of selling advertising space is full control over who you will work with and what kind of ads will be displayed on your site.

The most frequently chosen payment model is the flat rate. By setting prices earlier, we can accurately estimate our future income from the blog.

Blog monetization methods - selling ad space
Blog monetization methods – selling ad space

If you use WordPress, various plugins will help you manage your ads. You can choose between paid or free solutions. The most popular are:

How to Monetize Blog Without AdSense?

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

Many beginner bloggers believe that making money on a blog is only possible by placing ads. Yes, blogs with a lot of visitors and well-matched ads will make money this way.

However, there are more effective methods for monetizing a blog. The best-earning blogs are those on which you don’t see ads.

Affiliate marketing is one of those methods. It focuses on promoting other people’s products through a special tracking link. Every time someone purchases through your unique link – you will get a commission.

Some people may wonder how websites without ads make so much money? Well, by promoting the right products, you can get up to 75% commission. So it’s easy to calculate – if a product costs $100, every time someone purchases it through your affiliate link you will receive $75 in commission.

If you have a lot of sales a day, you can make good money. However, to achieve such excellent results you must promote great products. And you should do it the right way.

Promote Products You Use

One of the basic rules in affiliate marketing is to promote on the blog the products we use and which are tried and tested by us.

Blogging is a great way to build a relationship and get the readers’ trust. By writing regular posts you can promote specific tools that you use every day.

By describing the product in detail and showing its advantages, your audience will have the opportunity to get to know it earlier.

If it is recommended by someone they know, your readers will make a faster purchase decision. This is why affiliate marketing works so well when you are a blogger.

A perfect example of this way of monetizing a blog is Its author Pat Flynn is one of the best-earning internet entrepreneurs.

Pat teaches how to turn a blog into a passive source of income, promoting the tools he uses to help him succeed. I wrote more about this here.

Monetizing Your Blog With Email Marketing

Monetizing a blog by email marketing is probably the most effective way to make big money. It would seem that sending emails is outdated today and that there are better methods. There is nothing more wrong with that.

Make Money With Affiliate Marketing
Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

If you want your readers to turn into your customers, the offer you promote should be presented to them several times.

The best way to convince them to purchase is to send them properly prepared emails.

That’s why you have to build a mailing list from the very beginning, offering a free e-book, course, or other lead magnets.

This is important because many readers only come to our site once and after reading a particular post they leave it. Having an address database you can inform them not only about attractive offers but also about a new post on your blog.

Autofunnels - ultimmate selling machine

Email marketing is a great source of traffic for your blog – you can send a message to readers around the world with one click at any time.

Remember that you should not send spam messages. By providing people with valuable content and promoting good products, your work will be rewarded.

And you can do all this automatically using the appropriate tools. Click here and learn more.

Sell Sponsored Blog Posts

Sponsored blog posts are another way to make money without advertising. This is also a very good way to fully control the content of your blog.

Automatically displayed ads are not always well matched to our niche. Also, users are increasingly using different types of AdBlocks. Typical ads are therefore not displayed at all, which means no income for us.

For valuable thematic blogs that already have a good reputation on the web, sponsored blog posts can generate really big earnings.

The work of a professional blogger is primarily about creating and delivering interesting content to its readers. Therefore, earning money from sponsored articles is the most natural way to monetize a blog.

The biggest brands on the market often use cooperation with top bloggers. Thanks to them they can reach a wide range of potential customers.

If you want to increase your chance of cooperation with a large company, it is worth preparing a special page where you will present the blog statistics.

The most important information is the monthly number of page views of your blog and unique users. If you’re active in social media, it’s worth giving the number of followers.

It is also worth mentioning that cooperation with brands is not only about sponsored articles, but also about writing reviews, image campaigns, product placement, sponsored trips, or various events.

How to Monetize a Blog By Selling Your Product?

Apart from these methods, you can monetize your blog by selling your products. Depending on the niche you represent, these can be both physical and digital products.

Do you have a blog about cosmetics? Create your own line of cosmetics and promote it in your posts.

If you are a fashion blogger, you can create your own recognizable clothing brand and sell it through a blog.

However, your own online shop often requires additional employees. Having a blog it will be difficult for you to find additional time to operate your shop and all the things related to it.

A much more convenient solution is to sell your own products in digital form.

You can fully automate the sales process of your digital product. And once created, it can bring us a constant income for a long time.

Create Your Own Online Course

As a blogger, you can easily create an online course where you can show how to solve a specific problem in your niche. It doesn’t have to be a big project at first, and you don’t have to be a super expert either.

When you have a topic blog you probably have more knowledge than people who visit your site. It is enough to present this knowledge in such a form that it is as valuable as possible for others.

Internet courses are a popular form of learning. By describing a particular topic in detail your course will also find many purchasers.

How to Monetize a Blog By Selling Your Product?
How to Monetize a Blog By Selling Your Product?

The most popular are courses teaching various technical skills. If you are blogging about building websites you can sell a course for beginners: How to start your first website?

Your passion is WordPress? Write a course on how to build an online shop based on WordPress.

If you are interested in investing money, then creating a course “How to effectively invest in currencies” will not be difficult for you, and may bring you significant income.

As you can see, there are a lot of possibilities, and people are willing to pay for additional knowledge.

Make Money Selling Your Own Book

Another way to monetize a blog without advertising is to sell your own book. It may have a traditional form, but it is most comfortable to promote it as an eBook.

Writing a book takes a lot of time and effort, but in the long term, it is a very good solution. Moreover, by selling a book of which we are the author we will quickly become experts for our readers.

In the book, you can present completely new information. You can also show all posts published on the blog in a structured way. Both methods are effective.

Create a Paid Membership Website

Another idea of how to make money on the blog is paid access to articles. On the Internet, you can often meet with services that offer readers high-quality paid content.

You can set up a monthly subscription on your blog. Once paid, the reader will have access to your most valuable posts, videos, photos, and educational materials.

Paid access to content is a great proposition for blog owners themselves. They earn money on their posts, but they can also easily get rid of spammers.

Start Your Own Consulting Business

Sometimes people prefer to receive advice in a more personalized way than through courses or e-books and pay for individual online consultations.

The advantage of this way of monetizing a blog is that it can be quickly implemented. There is no need to create your own product.

It is also a popular way to make extra money for bloggers who have already successfully published their own book or course. Looking for an additional income stream they are interested in providing individual, paid consultations.

Blogs with a small monthly visitor number can also introduce this method of monetization. Then it is important to get to know the needs and problems of your readers well, which you can solve through online consultation.

How to Monetize Blog – Summary

You can make a lot of money blogging. However, it requires time, effort, and sometimes investment of capital. Many bloggers give up at the beginning without seeing the quick results of their work.

Remember that your earnings are proportional to the effort you put into building your blog and your reputation.

You have to be consistent in what you do and take a good strategy. Then the results will come in time.

If you don’t have your blog yet, but would like to share your passion with others – try it!

To get started you will need a domain and hosting. I suggest Bluehost – you will find their hosting plans for both beginners and more advanced bloggers.

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