5 Top Earning Affiliate Blogs You Should Know

Can you make money blogging? Can your blog be a profitable online business and a full-time job? How to make money online? These questions are asked by many people starting their adventure with making money on the Internet.

It turns out that wise blogging is very profitable. So it can become an interesting way of life and work that we can do anywhere in the world. All you need is access to the Internet.

To create a blog, simply select the appropriate domain, hosting, and one of the available blogging platforms.

But, to start earning really big money, allowing for financial freedom and independence – you need to have some knowledge, skills and spend a lot of time.

On the Internet, you can find a ton of information about the earnings of bloggers. The amounts given are sometimes astronomical. They ignite our imagination. However, it is rare to mention how much time and effort is needed to reach the level of the best bloggers.

In order not to get discouraged quickly on the way to our financial freedom, below I present 5 top-earning affiliate blogs. They bring their authors something more than just a few extra dollars a month.

Top Earning Affiliate Blogs
Top Earning Affiliate Blogs

The authors of these top-earning affiliate blogs use different, proven methods and ways to monetize their traffic. So it is worth taking a closer look at how the best ones do it and apply similar solutions on our website. Let’s also see what niches are the most profitable and what products are worth promoting to start making real money on the Internet.


The pages presented are not all sites that bring millions of dollars. I chose the most interesting ones. These blogs will certainly be a source of inspiration for both me and you…

Top Earning Affiliate Blogs

1. Smartpassiveincome.com

Smartpassiveincome.com is one of my favorite blogs. It was created by Pat Flynn, a well-known Internet entrepreneur who has been successfully running his blog for over 8 years. Pat was one of the first people who described his monthly earnings in a very detailed way – income reports.

Some time ago, the site changed its appearance. Now it is managed by a team of several people and Pat has stopped publishing monthly reports.

Pat teaches and reveals secrets about how to turn a blog into a passive source of income.

He shows the strategies and tools that allow you to achieve success on the Internet. This blog is an excellent source of information for all those interested in affiliate marketing and email marketing.

Smartpassiveincome.com is a site where you will gain knowledge in areas such as:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Business development 
  • Digital Marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Online courses
  • Personal development
  • Podcasting

Sources of income

The blog earns an average of $150,000 a month. A large part of the revenue comes from affiliate marketing. The products that Pat Flynn promotes include:

Smartpassiveincome.com is a perfect example that with hard work and perseverance you can achieve your dream success. Year after year, Pat Flynn earns millions of dollars while teaching others how to start their own online business. On one blog he skillfully combines income from many different sources.

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2. Copyblogger.com

Copyblogger.com is one of the top-earning affiliate blogs. It was founded by Brian Clark in 2006. At first, it was run by only one person. Over time, the blog has turned into a multi-million dollar online business.

Copyblogger.com is also a great example of the fact that with just $1,000 at your disposal – investing a lot of time and effort – you can achieve great results.

Today, the blog is managed by several people, and its annual income reaches 8 figures.

The main source of income is:

  • affiliate marketing,
  • sale of own products.

Copyblogger.com promotes such solutions as:

  • Authority – an educational platform offering advanced marketing content training,
  • Studio Press – website wizard for WordPress, where you can also buy interesting themes for your blog.

From the very beginning, Brian Clark tried to make the information on the blog as valuable as possible. Initially, he had no plans to make money on his website. His goal at the beginning was to gain as many readers as possible and their trust.

Its mission is to teach people how to create great content on the Internet that will attract the attention of readers and generate traffic to our site.

The main topic of the blog is content marketing. Brian points out that it is very important how we communicate with our readers through the blog.

By reading the blog we will gain a broad knowledge of how to making customer-oriented content. Thanks to this, we will certainly achieve our business goals faster.

3. Makingsenseofcents.com

Makingsenseofcents.com is a blog about how to effectively save money. The habit of saving money should be developed as early as possible, and reading the blog we will find out that it can completely change our lives.

The author of the blog is Michelle Gardner, who teaches readers how to manage money and gives specific tips on how to get out of financial trouble.

The blog is aimed at people who have problems with the repayment of loans and credits. Those who have some cash will find advice on how to multiply the money already earned.
Michelle uses simple language and can reach a very wide audience.

She had a $38,000 student loan to repay after graduation. Thanks to her blogging, she was able to pay it back after just seven months of blogging!

Sources of income

On the makingsenseofcents.com blog, we will find very accurate reports of monthly revenues. The blog earns over $1.5 million every year and the main source of income is affiliate marketing. Michelle promotes Bluehost hosting and sales of its products – online courses and services. Besides, Michelle’s blog also earns money on AdSense.

On her website, you will find a lot of entries describing such topics as:

  • saving money
  • side job ideas
  • blogging tips
  • career advice
  • extra income
  • retirement
  • how to start a blog
  • self-employment tips

The blog was very successful because it is addressed to a specific target group. The author tries to help especially young people to repay their loans by giving very practical advice. Moreover, she tells young people how to make extra money. She promotes the idea of wise saving and shows its benefits.

4. Wpbeginner.com

Wpbeginner.com is another example of a very profitable blog. The website was created on July 4th, 2009. Its founder is Syed Balkhi. On the blog, we can find a lot of valuable and useful information about the WordPress platform.

Since its creation, wpbeginner.com has become the largest website on the Internet, describing WordPress in detail.
The blog has more than 320,000 subscribers from 190 countries and is especially addressed to beginner WordPress users.

Therefore, in addition to tips, videos, and tutorials, we will also find an extensive glossary covering many terms that may be incomprehensible to a beginner blogger.

Wpblogger.com describes such topics as:

Sources of income

Wpblogger.com is a very lucrative website – annual revenue reaches 8 figures. The blog earns mainly from the promotion and sale of its products – software and WordPress plugins included:

  • OptinMonster
  • MonsterInsight
  • WPForms
  • SeedProd

Plugins promoted on the blog are used by more than 8 million sites around the world. Besides, a significant part of the revenue comes from affiliate marketing of such products as:

5. Yaro.blog

Yaro Starak – author of yaro.blog – has been involved in online activities for almost 20 years. He earned his first dollars on a website describing one of the most popular card games – Magic: The Gathering.

But the first real big money Yaro earned on the blog – entrepreneurs-journey.com, which then became yaro.blog.

Yaro Starak is currently an online entrepreneur who teaches how to set up a blog and turn it into a profitable online business.

He promotes the idea of a “laptop lifestyle”, a way of life where we work for ourselves anywhere in the world. He helps people to gain financial freedom and make their dreams come true.

Yaro’s business model is in three steps:

  • start and blog
  • grow an email newsletter
  • sell your digital product

According to these principles, Yaro promotes its products. In 2007 he launched his first online course, Blog Mastermind. The next step was the creation of the Laptop Lifestyle Academy.

The programs are aimed at people who want to turn blogging into a main source of income. Yaro admits that educational programs bring him millions of dollars every year.

He also earns a lot of money from affiliate marketing. Similar to the previously described blogs, he promotes on his website the proven tools necessary for running a profitable website.

So in the Resources section, we’ll find items like:

  • email marketing tools – AWeber
  • marketing tools – Ontraport
  • blog hosting – Bluehost.com

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As you can see from the example of the blogs described – you can make really big money on the Internet. However, we must honestly say that it is not that easy. To achieve similar earnings we have to know our niche perfectly, write very good posts and invest a lot of time.

The top-earning affiliate blogs have existed for several years. However, this does not mean that it is impossible to achieve satisfactory earnings before.

The conclusion is that writing about how to make money online and what tools to use for this purpose is a very profitable niche. Unfortunately, this topic is also very competitive.

Millions are earned by the best, but there are a lot of blogs that bring extra money to their authors every month. Everyone once started and took the first step by setting up a blog. Everyone can change their reality – just choose your niche, register your domain and start blogging!

Start here!

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